Ginny Rae’s | Hudson Falls, NY

Breakfast Menu

Breakfast is served until 2:00pm. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD OUR MENU.

Breakfast Club | 9.29

Served w/ Home Fries, Three Slices Of Thick French Toast Stacked High With Crisp Bacon, Breakfast Sausage, Two Eggs, American Cheese & Monterey Jack Cheese

Country Breakfast | 9.79

Two Eggs, Home Fries, Choice Of Meat, And A Short Stack French Toast.

Breakfast Sandwich

Egg & American Cheese On A Grilled Roll 3.79
With Choice of Breakfast Meat 5.29

Sausage Gravy & Biscuits | Half 4.29 Regular 6.49

Sausage Gravy Served Steaming Hot Over Country Biscuits.

Adirondack Benedict | Half 7.49 Regular 9.29

Served w/ Home Fries, Two Poached Eggs And Sausage Top A Toasted English Muffin, All Covered In Sausage Gravy.

Ginny Rae’s Special | 10.29

Served w/ Texas Toast, Two Sausage Patties, Two Bacon, Two Eggs, Home Fries And Texas Toast. Served With Your Choice Of Pancakes Or French Toast.

Southern Breakfast | 8.99

Three Eggs On Top Of Home Fries, All Smothered In Sausage Gravy.

Meat Lovers Breakfast | 10.99

Three Eggs, Two Bacon, Two Sausage, Hash And Thick Cut Canadian Bacon Served With Texas Toast.

Southern Fried Steak | 9.79

Chicken Fried Steak Smothered In Sausage Gravy Served w/Two Eggs, Home Fries, & Texas Toast.

Eggs Benedict | Half 7.49 Regular 9.29

Served w/ Home Fries, Poached Eggs Served Over An English Muffin w/Canadian Bacon & Fresh Made Hollandaise Sauce.

Ginny Rae Scrambler | 8.99

Served w/ Texas Toast, Four Scrambled Eggs Are Mixed Up With, Cheddar Cheese And Your Choice Of Three Items: Ham, Sausage, Bacon, Mushrooms, Spinach, Onions, Peppers, Tomatoes

Grilled Breakfast Burrito | 9.49

Served w/ Home Fries, Salsa, & Sour Cream, Fresh Eggs Scrambled With Your Choice Of: Bacon, Sausage, Ham, Onions, Green Peppers, Tomatoes or Mushrooms — Wrapped Up With Cheddar Jack Cheese.

Omelet | 9.49

Served w/ Texas Toast And Home Fries. Our Three Egg Omelet With Your Choice Of Cheese And Two Ingredients: Bacon, Sausage, Ham, Onions, Spinach Green Peppers, Tomatoes or Mushrooms

Hash Omelet | 10.29

Served w/ Texas Toast And Home Fries and Stuffed With Corned Beef Hash & Cheddar Cheese.

Everything Omelet | 10.79

Served w/ Texas Toast And Home Fries. Our Four Egg Omelet With Every Veggie And Meat We Offer Cooked Inside.

Veggie Omelet | 9.79

Served w/ Texas Toast And Home Fries, Our Three Egg Omelet With All The Veggies.

Cowboy Steak Omelet | 10.99

Served w/ Texas Toast And Home Fries and Stuffed With Sliced House Sirloin Steak, Sautéed Onions, And Monterey Jack Cheese.

Philly Cheesesteak Omelet | 10.29

Served w/ Texas Toast & Home Fries, Four Egg Omelet With Cheddar Jack Cheese, Peppers, Onion & Philly Steak Stuffed Inside.

Farmer’s Scrambler | 10.49

Served w/ Texas Toast, Sausage, Ham, Tomatoes, Onions, Peppers And Home Fries All Scrambled Up With Five Eggs Topped With Melted Cheddar.

Pancakes, French Toast & Bread Dough

Fried Bread Dough |4.29

A County Fair Favorite and Available All Day!

Pancakes | Tall 5.79 Short 4.79 Single 3.29

Delicious Buttermilk Pancakes. Our Own Recipe!
With Blue Berries or Chocolate Chips Add $1.25
Strawberries And Whipped Cream Add $1.50

Red, White, And Blue Pancakes | Tall 6.99, Short 6.19, Single 4.49

Our Delicious Pancakes With Blueberries, Strawberries, And Whipped Cream.

French Toast | Tall 5.79, Short 4.79, Single 3.29

Made With Thick Texas Toast.

Blue Heaven Pancakes | Tall 6.99 Short 6.29 Single 4.29

Our Delicious Pancakes With Wild Blueberries And Pecans.

Strawberry French Toast | Tall 6.79 Short 5.99 Single 4.29

Our Thick French Toast Topped With Sweet Sliced Strawberries & Whipped Cream.

Strawberry Bread Dough | 5.99

A Large Hand Stretched Fried Bread Dough Smothered In Strawberries & Whipped Cream.

Stuffed French Toast | 7.29

Our Thick French Toast Stuffed With Your Choice Of Our Amazing Cream Cheese Filling: Blueberry, Apple Cinnamon, or Strawberry.

Eggs (Egg Beaters Available)

One Egg & Toast 3.29
Two Eggs & Toast 3.99
Two Eggs, Home Fries & Toast 5.49
Two Eggs, Meat & Toast 5.99
Two Eggs, Home Fries, Meat & Toast 7.29
Two Eggs, Hash & Toast 7.49
Two Eggs, Hash, Home Fries & Toast 8.29
Two Eggs, Hash, Meat & Toast 9.49

Side Orders

Bacon, Canadian Bacon or Sausage | 2.89
Hash | 4.29
Home Fries/Hash Browns | 2.79
Toast, Hard Roll or English Muffin | 99
Bagel | 1.29
Bagel w/ Cream Cheese | 1.99
Sausage Gravy (cup) | 3.29